SUMMARY: NFS problems between PC Interactive and SUN

From: Leclerc Francois (
Date: Fri Feb 26 1993 - 19:48:45 CST

initial questions
Dear sun managers,

I'm facing the following problem :

-1 SUN 4/75 SUNOS 4.1.1 + 100075-07
 NFS server and accepts connections to run FRAMEMAKER
-several PCs Interactive UNIX 3.0 with NFS
 NFS clients

We faced a blocking bug during NFS set-up : continuation udp frames were not
understood correctly by the PCs so I limited buffer size to a length below
ethernet frame as 1024 bytes (8K is the default) on the PCs only.

in /etc/fstab on the PC
sun:/remote/partition /local/partition NFS,rsize=1024,wsize=1024

We synchronise by date and rsh the PCs from the SUN daily.

The configuration is working with the following bugs :

.on the PCs
fcntl (fd, F_SETLK, &arg) returns an error

.on the SUN
I have got a bunch of message :
vmunix: rfs_read: attempt to read from non-file

Moving to SOLARIS 2.1 is a solution, but we are waiting for Frame to deliver.
So could you share your experience, ideas as SUN France does not have any ?!

Summary :
You help me to point out that the lock issue on the PCs and the rfs_read
messages are separated problems

-lock on PC :
the advice is to use latest lockd patch : 100075-09.
I did it and found afterwards that lockd daemon had also disappeared on all the
PCs. The problem is solved by restarting lockd on PCs.

"the fcntl() error may be due to rpc.lockd bugs on the sun side.
make sure you have the latest patches on the sun, and that
you aren't getting weird errors from the PC."

"First, you didn't have the latest 100075 Patch installed, the latest
i have seen is 100075-09, but maybe there is a newer patch out there."

-rfs_read messages on SUN :
I have not found yet the guilty pieces of code on the PC which generate the
problem. Here is your help :

"1/ The name rfs_ is confusing, this is part of nfs, nothing to do with
2/ The problem arises when a process tries to read a directory on the
sun, via NFS, and it is not using the new directory syscalls,
opendir(), getdents() etc (but may be open() the read()).
3/ No solution except that this seems to be patched in newer versions
of ISC and NFS."

"the rfs_read: attempt to read from non-file is due to
the NFS client attempting to do a read() on a directory.
this is a bug -- NFS should do readdir on a directory,
not read. if the fcntl() is also being applied to
the directory, that could explain that problem as well"

"That happens, if you step over symbolic-links or the old "/bin/csh" on
interactive tries to read something ( he doesn't know about NFS and
opens directories with normal routines )."

Thanks to

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