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Date: Fri Feb 26 1993 - 01:53:26 CST


Well, I realized Sun had unbundled dbxtool but was ever hopeful the version
for OW2 would be good enough... Alas it was not to be.

Original question ::

>Can someone send me the Summary for this question on dbx for OW3 that was
>posted a while back (3 weeks??). OR Can someone clue me in on how to get
>dbxtool for OW2 to work? My users have started to whine about it so I must
>get it working.


The answer was a definite MAYBE!!

I got several answers about GNU's debugger and X interface. I went and found
gdb-4.8.tar.Z and xxgdb-1.06.tar.Z at A search of Archie did not
turn up any higher versions that this. the gdb is mirrored from GNU so I suspect
it is current. I suspect there might be a more current version of xxgdb.

Also got contradictory information on running OW2 dbxtool ::

Chris Treichel writes ::
>In general, there is no problem running the OW2 dbxtool under OW3.
>A number of developers here were doing exactly that until they were
>informed that there was an OW3 version available.
>The libraries which dbxtool dynamically links with (xview, olgx, X11) have
>not undergone a major revision number change between OW2 and OW3, so it is
>(usually) OK to mix and match executables and shared library versions. In
>general, the differences between the libraries are mostly bug fixes.
>If you guys are really on the ball and have upgraded to SC2.0 compilers,
>look in /usr/lang/SW2.0.1 (SparcWorks 2.0.1) for debugger, which is the
>new name for an enhanced dbxtool (it speaks tooltalk and communicates with
>the other tools in the SparcWorks toolset).

while Jeff Bennington writes::
>I don't recommend trying to make the older OW2.0 rev of dbxtool
>work with OW3.0 as it is not approved (i.e. they're could be
>lots of problems in running it IF you can make it run!)

and Christopher Nims writes::
>We've used the OW2 version with no changes...just worked "out of the box"
>so to speak.

and lastly Michael SUllivan writes::
>To use OW2's dbxtool under OW3, just copy it to some place in the users' path.
>It will work the same as always, including all the bugs!

So my solution was to run away from OW2 dbxtool and get Gnu's version. I hope
to get the correct OW3 version in this lifetime but I am not holding my

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