Summary: lpd - ubind not found?

From: Jun Wu (
Date: Wed Feb 24 1993 - 20:57:48 CST

Thanks to (David Barr) and Bill Stapleton. The
problem is due to a missing file "printer" at /dev directory.
After install patch 100305, problem solved.

# this is because of patch 100305-07
#Copy in the new versions, delete /dev/printer and create a
#directory mode 750 owned by root, with group daemon, called /dev/lpd;
#then create a symbolic link called /dev/printer that points to
#/dev/lpd/printer and restart lpd.

kill `cat /var/spool/lpd.lock`
rm -f /dev/printer
mkdir /dev/lpd
chown root.daemon /dev/lpd
chmod 710 /dev/lpd
ln -s /dev/lpd/printer /dev/printer

rm -f /var/spool/lpd.lock


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