SUMMARY: Problems formatting a drive

From: Scott Gargash (
Date: Wed Feb 24 1993 - 20:38:26 CST

  I wrote in last week about problems I was having formatting a drive that
I already had a format.dat entry for. The drive was return messages that
made it appear like I was using the wrong geometry. Well, the service rep
came back, and he was stumped, as were the two techs at Sun. Convinced that
the new drive was faulty, he ordered another new drive, and, in the middle
of yet another format, took the cover off of the SPARC2 to get the model
number of the SCSI controller. When he was putting the cover back on, he
caused a power glitch (while the drive was trying to format). The machine
rebooted and (... say the magic words) the next format attempt worked. The
drive is now up and being used, but if anybody has any ideas about what
might have been wrong or how this may have solved the problem I'd like to
hear from you.

Thanks to those who replied:

Scott Gargash
Cornell University
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Phone (607) 255-0703

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