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        Ooops! I didn't wait enough. The original summary was at all
not lost, but travelling. In the meantime (while my first re-summary
was also travelling) more answers arrived, unanimous as well as those
received by Jim Murff. And a copy was also kept by Chris Bulle... and
it wasn't 2 weeks, but 2 months ago!!! Going senile... ;-)

        Also there exists a gopher archiver... I include the info
I received.
        Thank you all. Now I recall it was Sunday evening when you

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Subject: Re: SUMMARY: Previous summary on cons8

        FYI, there used to be a gopher server on
that had copies of sun managers summaries. I don't know if its still
up, our gopher services have stopped for political reasons.


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I believe this is it!!
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From: (Jim Murff)
Subject: SUMMARY: Getty 4.1.3 and Openwin question.
Date: Mon, 21 Dec 92 10:37:34 PST
           ^^^^^^^^^ ;-)

As usually you guys/gals saved my life. Thanks for everyone who took the time ================================================================ From: <> hi;

I asked a question about getty about cons8. Here is the summary.

-Jim Murff

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As usually you guys saved my life. Thanks for everyone who took the time to answer.

I am posting a summary to the following questions ::

>> I. >>I just got an IPX and configured and brought it up with 4.1.3. Everything >>seems >>fine except when I pulled my gettytab off tape into /etc.( I blew it because >>I thought I'd save the gettytab that came with the release. :( ). It is >>working but the login banner is gibberish. If I type characters and hit return >>Password prompt comes up fine. If I give junk as a passwd the login prompt >>is no longer gibberish. It is fine until login times out then back to >>garbage. It doesn't stop me from logging in but I can't let people use it >>until I know whats up. Any ideas? Here is a sample line which works in 4.1.2 >>:: >> >>>default:\ >>> :ap:lm=\n\n\rWelcome to %h the IRT Server.\n\n\n\rlogin\72 :sp#9600: >> >> II. >>I have a customer who blew away his /dev directory (Don't ask I can't believe >>it >>myself.) We have recovered from that but now Openwin gives this message whenit >>trys to come up :: >> >sv_add_screen: open failed for SCR_DEFAULTROOTDEV: No such file or directory. >> >>I'm sure its related to the /dev problem but is there an easy fix or is a >>reinstall in order?

------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The answer to number 1 was unanimous. 4.1.3 requires a new device for the for the console. The device is in both gettytab and ttytab. I used these and the problem went away ::

# This is a new entry to internationalize the console. It needs to be # 8 bit clean so that ISO 8859 characters can be displayed without # the window system. # cons8:\ :p8:lm=\r\n%h login\72 :sp#9600:

# # @(#)ttytab 1.7 92/06/23 SMI # # name getty type status comments # console "/usr/etc/getty cons8" sun on local secure

------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Question two was not so clear cut. I ended up having to reinstall windows. Several suggestions were presented but I found that everything seemed to be in order. I might have missed something however. Anyway the suggestions were ::

>>Sounds to me like your still missing one of the framebuffer device files. You have these? crw-rw-rw- 1 root 22, 0 Nov 8 17:39 fb crw-rw-rw- 1 root 67, 0 Nov 8 17:43 cgsix0 crw-rw-rw- 1 root 55, 0 Nov 8 17:43 cgthree0

>>Check permissions on /tmp (assuming you really did successfully restore /dev)

>>Check /dev/for regular files, that is, what shows up when you type ls -l /dev | egrep ^- there should definitely be a MAKEDEV file, and possibly one or two others; but if anything that should be a device or socket is a file, delete it and re-create it using the MAKEDEV script.

>>For your /dev problem boot from cdrom and get to the minifs. Mount your old / partition on /a for exampl. Then copy /dev/MAKEDEV to /a/dev. Then cd /a/dev and run "./MAKEDEV std". This should give you back all your original devices *with the correct permissions*. I think that this is likely to be your problem (wrong permisions on something).

>>Sounds like /dev/fb is still hosed.

Many thanks go to :: ------------------ From: (Russ Poffenberger) From: amp19263@garfield (John R. Kilheffer) From: (John Ellithorpe) From: From: msf@fsg.COM (Michael Fischbein) From: (Svein Nedrehagen ) From: "/home/tau/weingart/.sig" <> From: Christopher Davis <> From: (Brett Lymn) From: (Jim Davis) From: ups!upstage!glenn@fourx.Aus.Sun.COM (Glenn Satchell) From: Jim Lick <> =====================================================================

Jim Davis writes from a new address! Javier Fernandez

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