SUMMARY: Re: Multiheaded CPU with single desktop

From: Joel Shandelman [FIMS Mgr of LAN Based Info Systems - 212-648-4480] (
Date: Tue Feb 23 1993 - 16:41:19 CST

Thanks to the following people who responded so promptly: (Brett Lymn)
George D M Ross, Department of Computer Science, University of Edinburgh
Christian Lawrence <> (Matt Goheen)

Their respective responses were:

1) You need to get some patches, I think that they are known the "jpl"
   patches. They should be available in the X11R5 source tree on mit.

2) Yes, you just start it up as usual. The machine I'm posting this from is
   running X11R5 and has a cgthree and a bwtwo. The only complication is that
   MIT's version of Xsun doesn't support more than one framebuffer of any given
   type (which isn't a problem for you), but R5.Xsun.multi-screen.tar.Z,
   available from solves that nicely.

3) don't know for sure but suspect the hooks that make this possible exist
   between SOS and the xnews server ...... doubt vanilla MIT server will do
   this in R5 ..... maybe R6 or maybe never since this is a closed arrangement

4) Yes, xinit and the X11R5 server will find the screens automatically.
   I use X11R5 with a bwtwo0 and a cgthree0 with olvwm. Works great...

What actually worked for us here was that after looking at the R5 source
(patch level 22) we noticed that generic R5 uses ":" to delimit multiple
framebuffers rather than the "space" delimiter of OpenWindows V3. A cute
feature is that running the mouse off the right or left edges causes the
mouse pointer to wrap around to the opposite edge. Thanks again.

   -- Joel

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