SUMMARY: Strange "TCGETS" error

From: David Rubin (
Date: Tue Feb 23 1993 - 13:49:50 CST

Thanks to all the responses I received about the "TCGETS" error on "rsh"
commands, and the "version numbers do not match" error on "rdist".

The problem turned out to be simple ... the remote machine had an
"stty" command in the /.cshrc file. Removing the stty command fixed
the problem.

Some people suggested to move the "stty" command to the ".login" file,
or to place it inside an "if" statement which checks if the shell is
interactive, i.e. [from (Dave T. Sato)] :

if ( $?prompt == 1) then

        # I'm an interactive shell ...
        stty erase ^H ...

        # other interactive options, "set history, ..."

Thanks again to everyone who replied...

Dave Rubin
Polytechnic University

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