SUMMARY: 3/180 and 3/160 need graphic monitor consoles

Date: Tue Feb 23 1993 - 06:41:13 CST

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Subject: 3/180 and 3/160 need graphic monitor consoles
Date: Sat, 20 Feb 93 18:35:20 -0500

I thought that Suns all check for the presense of the graphic monitor
and keyboard. I thought that in the absense of these two devices, Suns
use /dev/ttya as the console. I have a 3/160 and a 3/180 which do not
behave this way. They boot without problem but will not talk or listen
on /dev/ttya. Yes, I have kernel support for these devices. What
should I do?

Both systems are running SunOS 4.1.1.

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It seems that boot proms have changed many times over the years so it's
impossible to generalize their behavior with respect to console
detection. My machines are from about 1986 (can you believe it?) and
for them the solution was to set console=ttya and power cycle the
computer. Some gave solutions involving entering machine language at
the console. That's fine, but it's not my style; if there's a high
level way of doing things, I prefer it.

(Christian Lawrence: I might be able to donate the machines to a school
soon, so I'll keep your suggestion in mind. I already have the
machines' replacements: two headless sparcstation 10's.)

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