SUMMARY: problem with C2 in 4.1.2?

From: Ed Arnold (
Date: Wed Feb 17 1993 - 20:06:51 CST

Six days ago, I posted this inquiry:

me>System: 4/690 4.1.2
me>Anyone know if there is a patch required to make C2 security work
me>under 4.1.2? After installing C2, attempts to login result in the
me> pwdauth daemon is not running
me> clntudp_create:RPC:Program not registered
me>although pwdauth is in the process table.

We are running C2 *without* NIS. The answer to our particular problem
is [insert foot in mouth]: the problem machine had been set up to be
a primary DNS server, and a set of changes that had been made on our
other primary (including the problem machine's own DNS entry), hadn't
gotten propogated to the problem machine. So, the problem machine
couldn't look itself up. Definitely uncool.

The two suggestions most frequently offered in response to this problem

1. Get the C2 jumbo patch (100564-05), which replaces the rpc.yppasswdd
and rpc.pwdauthd daemons. It is required at many installations to make
C2 work right under 4.1.2.

2. Make sure the "AUpwdauthd" and "AUyppasswdd" pseudo-users are present
in /etc/passwd and /etc/security/passwd.adjunct.

Thanks to the following respondents:

Kerry Duke <>
Jonathan C. Davis <> (HAO Computer System Managment Group)
mce@sdcc10.UCSD.EDU (Mark Edwards) (Jason Hargis)
jim.litchfield@sunwest2.West.Sun.COM (James Litchfield - NW Area Solaris 2.0 Transition Boss) (David Robinson)
Ilkka Virtanen <>
Larry Chin <> (Al Clepper x6372) (Kevin W. Thomas)

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