Summary: sun4c 2.4 boot prom

From: Brian Parent (
Date: Tue Feb 16 1993 - 16:38:49 CST

I had asked earlier about the availability/cost for 2.4 sun4c
boot proms. After quoting one of the responses to my local
sales guy, he was able to verify its correctness.

Here's the details:

          560-1805-01 SPARCstation 1 Boot PROM Kit $40/ no discount
          560-1806-01 SPARCstation 1+ Boot PROM Kit $40/ no discount

One person asked me for references to "decent prom documentation".
It's possible that the kit includes some, but if not, ask your local
sales folks for the "Open Boot PROM Toolkit User's Guide"
part #: 800-4251-10. It came to us along with a "Reference
Summary" which is part #: 800-4687-10, and some other sbus related
things which is all bundled together as the Sbus developers kit,
part #: 825-1219-03.
I don't know if they'll allow you to buy just one piece of the kit or not.

Thanks to:
Glenn.Weinberg@Eng.Sun.COM (Glenn Weinberg)
        for digging up the 2.4 boot prom part numbers.

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