SUMMARY: sps on Sun IPX running SunOS 4.1.2

From: D. Douglas Valkenaar (
Date: Tue Feb 16 1993 - 16:14:38 CST

Original problem:

> Has anyone got sps, the ps replacement, to run on the above machine?
> I have built the program but whenever I run it, I get: "sps - Out of
> core : Not enough memory". This seems to be a bug in the code which
> handles traversing the kernel image.
> Rather than me spend another day trying to debug this, I thought I
> would send out this message to, what seems to be, a very knowledgable
> crowd.

It seems that no one else except myself has had this problem. Everyone
said they had gotten the distribution, made the necessary
customizations (paths, number of users), and built it with no problem.

Some suggested I run 'sps -i' (I had), it was built on the wrong
machine (nope), check for memory hogs, increase swap space - all to no

While playing around a bit more, I did find that if I was on a machine
that was not running a window manager (and therefore did not have many
processes), the program would work fine. I tried adjusting the number
of users and ttys in sps.h, but to no avail.

Unless I hear some great revelation, I'm going to put this on the shelf
for a while.

Thanks to: (Dave Yearke) (Celeste Stokely) (Chris Bulle) (Tim Ramsey)

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