SUMMARY: NIS+/NIS compatability (Solaris 2.1)Summary for NIS+/NIS compatability under Solaris 2.1:

From: Edgar Kalns (
Date: Mon Feb 15 1993 - 13:28:57 CST

(no particular ordering implied)

1. Make all the NIS+ maps readable by nobody. This is the default when
   you use nissetup -Y. You will not be able to use yppasswd and such
   on the NIS clients. If your NIS domains aren't being served by
   NIS+ servers, you can still login from the NIS+ clients.

2. NIS clients have the privileges of "nobody" under NIS+.
   So any maps or columns which are readible by nobody are
   available to NIS clients. See nischmod, niscat -o, and
   nisls for a better description of what permissions you've
   got. Also, don't forget to start rpc.nisd with the -Y
3. No support for netgroups was found in 2.1

Thanks to:
Steve Johnson, Casper Dik, Richard Elling

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