SUMMARY2: NeWs on an Xterminal

From: Adam Fox (
Date: Sat Feb 13 1993 - 02:45:50 CST

Here's an update worth posting a second summary:

Thanks to bernards@merlin (Marcel Bernards)

It is possible !

You have to define some things in the startup init script in order to get
the NEWSSERVER environment stuff OK

I'll include my init script in my attachement

Marcel Bernards, UNIX & Net sysadm Netherlands Energy Research Foundation ECN
(and SURFnet IC/ICP), Phone: (+31 /0)2246 4579 Fax: (+31 /0)2246 1864
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X-Sun-Data-Type: default-app
X-Sun-Data-Description: default
X-Sun-Data-Name: xnit
X-Sun-Content-Lines: 129

# Version 1.4
# Xkernel openwin program hacked as '/etc/init'
# installed in /export/root/<machine>/sbin/init
# Purpose, perform all commands required to get machine ready to run
# the X server processes (xnews).
# Copyright (c) 1991 Seth Robertson
# Modified by M.A. Bernards for OW2 Client
# Set up frequently used variables
PATH=/sbin:/:/bin:/usr/bin:/usr/openwin/bin; export PATH
HOME=/; export HOME
OPENWINHOME=/usr/openwin; export OPENWINHOME
FONTPATH=/usr/openwin/lib/fonts; export FONTPATH
LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/openwin/lib:/usr/lib; export LD_LIBRARY_PATH
XAPPLRESDIR=/usr/openwin/lib/app-defaults; export XAPPLRESDIR
DISPLAY=":0"; export DISPLAY
# Derive the $NEWSSERVER variable from the digit in $DISPLAY
newsport=`expr "$DISPLAY" : '.*:\([0-9][0-9]*\)' + 2000`
NEWSSERVER=`$OPENWINHOME/bin/newsserverstr $newsport`
# confirm framebuffer configuration
# Set up the I/O stuff
# Hope this works
exec >/dev/console 2>&1
# Yes it does! Kudos to for figuring out
# what was going wrong with (`</dev/console`). Since this is using the
# `#!/bin/sh` hack, the shell script is supplied as stdin. Just doing
# `</dev/console` without doing a `3<&0` will screw things up.
if [ ! -f /sbin/hostname -o ! -f /sbin/mount -o ! -f /sbin/ifconfig -o \
     ! -f /etc/fstab -o ! -f /etc/hosts ]
  echo "ERROR! You are missing one of the following files:"
  echo "/sbin/hostname /sbin/mount /sbin/ifconfig /etc/fstab /etc/hosts"
  echo ""
  echo "Those files are required for this to have a chance of working."
  echo ""
  echo "Please notify the Helpdesk or your System administrator"
  echo "for the installation of those files"
  echo ""
  echo "The machine will now go into a busy-wait loop. Use the abort"
  echo "sequence to interrupt and reboot."
  while :

# Hostname is already defined because this machine booted diskless and
# did a RARP to find its IP address. Actually, the only reason to
# reifconfig the device is to give it a new netmask or something...
# Make sure that the host appears in ../etc/hosts!!

# If you do subnetting, make sure you specify them correctly (like
# below) Also, if this is a non-Sun 3/50 you might need to change the
# ethernet device type (i.e. you might need ie0).
# ifconfig le0 $hostname -trailers up netmask 0xffffff00
ifconfig le0 $hostname -trailers up
ifconfig lo0 up

# If you need to access hosts outside of your local network, you need
# to statically compile the route.c program supplied and install it in
# /sbin. Then change the default route to the appropriate I.P. address
# route add default 1

# Mount all NFS filesystems listed in /etc/fstab without
# making an entry in /etc/mtab
mount -antv nfs

# Now /usr/openwin is available for running the xnews server

# If you are having problem, boot with ``-s''
if [ "X$1" = "X-s" ]
  (/sbin/sh) > /dev/console 2>&1 < /dev/console

# the stuff cleanup is also needed. ??
#mv /etc/ /etc/
#rm -f /etc/

# Fire up the SCreen saver for preserving the screen phosfor

# If we were feeling confident we could exec it...
# xnews has billions of options. RTFM for xnews
# See FAQ for some information on some options.
(/usr/openwin/bin/xnews :0 -dev /dev/bwtwo0)

# If we get here then we had a problem with Xsun.
# (xnews should NEVER terminate)
echo "ERROR! xnews terminated"
echo ""
echo "This condition should never happen. This might mean that you found"
echo "a bug in the X server, or it could mean that the server was not statically"
echo "linked, but mostly likely it means that the font directories that the X"
echo "server requires were not found. Normally they are in /usr/openwin/lib/fonts,"
echo "but your FONTPATH might vary."
echo ""
echo "If neither of these things are true, and this is a persistent problem"
echo "If that doesn't work, send mail to"
echo ""
echo "The machine will now go into a busy-wait loop. Use the abort"
echo "sequence to interrupt and reboot."
while :

-- Adam Fox
Systems Programmer/Administrator
Supercomputing Research Center
Bowie, MD USA

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