SUMMARY: Is it possible to boot across a CISCO AGS+ ?

Date: Fri Feb 12 1993 - 20:48:35 CST

Original posting:
Dear Sun Managers,
        How can I get a diskless sun to boot from a server sitting
on a different network segment?

        The two segments are seperated by a CISCO AGS+/4 router
WITHOUT bridging software. I tried using the ip helper-address parameter
but have had no success; ARP/RARP requests still time out.

        The CISCO manual says that RARP requests cannot cross ethernets;
this seems to limit my options to making the suns to do bootp requests.

        Any ideas?

        Everything that I have received so far seems to indicate
that there is no workaround for routing rarp packets across
ethernet segments (bootp seems to be a mystery). Some people
suggested that I should install a self-booting machine for each
ethernet segment; this machine would then be able to service
all rarp requests on that segment.
        This seems to be the easiest solution: I am going to install
a local root partition on one machine in each segment, with the
/etc/ethers and /etc/bootparams files configured appropriately,
and then mount other directories remotely.
        Thank you, everybody, for your help on this.

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