SUMMARY: Defect List Not Found

From: Scott A. Surguine (
Date: Fri Feb 12 1993 - 02:42:48 CST

>Sun Managers:

>I am attempting to format a boot disk for an IPX running 4.1.2. Unfortunately
>when I select the disk while in format, I am notified that the defect list
>for the disk is not found.

> 0. sd0 at esp0 slave 24
> sd0: < ...........>
> 1. sd1 at esp0 slave 8
> sd1: < ...........>

>Specify disk ( enter its number ): 0
>selecting sd0: <CST...>
>[disk formatted, defect list not found] <----------- Problem here

>When entering analyze menu and attempting to perform read-only test for disk ..
>the following occurs:


>format> analyze



>analyze> read

>Ready to analyze ( won't harm SunOS ). This takes a long time, but is inter-
>ruptible with CTRL-C. Continue? y
>Disks defect list has not been initialized.

>analyze> <----- I just get my prompt back ...

>My question is : How should I go about recreating my defect list?

>There are 2 methods listed in System & Network Administration:

>1) Defect - Load - Commit - Backup
>2) Defect - Extract - Dump - Commit - Backup

>Problem is the docs also mention that You need to be sure you have the current
>working defect list correct. It stresses you need to be sure of this.

>2 other methods: 1 listed in docs 1 I have thought of, they are:

>1) Defect - Original - ? - ? Docs say this is neccesary only if the defect list
> stored on disk is corrupted. < I suspect that is the case here >
>2) Docs state if you get 'Unable to locate defect' you should run HW Diags.
   < I assume that is what I am doing >

>What is the safest/best method here? Other than a corrupted defect list, why
>else could format not find my defect list?

>A Sincere Thanks To Everyone For Their Assistance

Well Since My Disk is no longer a suspect, this really no longer pertains to the
original problem, *NONETHELESS* this is *QUITE* interesting ... Thus ...

Nature of problem a Sun424 could not find its defect list when selecting disk
within format. As a result, when I attempted to analyze/read the disk it would
respond ...

According to Sun Rep @ Answerline, there is nothing wrong with the disk: the
reason it could not find its defect list is due to the fact that it has an
embedded SCSI controler.

The Solution: Fake a Defect List.


format> defect
defect> original
defect> commit
defect> quit

Bee Bdibity Tha aa aa tsss All Folks!!!!!!

You should see something resembling an empty list when selecting original ...

Thanks Again To EVERYONE who responded:


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