SUMMARY: Problems with printer

From: Chris Horne (
Date: Thu Feb 11 1993 - 02:01:37 CST

Thanks to everyone who emailed me. The problem was:

>We are having a problem with the printers connected to our suite of
>Suns. We have a laserprinter, 2 dot matrix printers and a Hewlett
>Packard Paintjet. Each printer is connected to a different computer.

>We had no problems until we tried adding the Paintjet to the system. It
>is connected to 'adam'. Now if the paintjet is active (ie. something
>is being printed) everything which is printed on adam is sent to it,
>regardless of which printer you specify in the lp or lpr command!

and the answer was that we did not have different spool directories for
each printer on the system.

They have been added and everything works fine.


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