SUMMARY: Need modem recommendation for SS 2/10

From: Eric Sisson (
Date: Wed Feb 10 1993 - 08:18:32 CST

A few weeks ago, I asked for recommendations for a modem good
for SLIP/PPP work for a SPARCstation 2, eventually to become
a SS 10 Model 41. I received a total of three replies each
of which specified a different brand of modem. I promised
to summarize and post the responses. Although this is a small
amount of information, it may still be helpful to others.
My thanks to those who responded to my request.

Recommended modems --
        Multitech 1432 EAB
        Telebit 1600 (9600 baud, but user recommends brand)
        ZyXEL U1496E (response from vendor)

Below are the responses I received.


At another firm, a co-worker and I tested several modems
with Suns. By far the best was a Multitech 1432 EAB. It
provided the best throughput. It is also rated the best
for all types of lines (noise). The Multitech has one feature
which is invaluable - it will reset it's stored parameters when
dtr changes state from the host (rises).


I currently run ppp between two Sun's over telebit t1600's.
these are the older v.32 9600 baud modems. They have new models out
which are faster. I have been VERY satisfied with their modems.

As for ppp, It's great. Over the phone Xwindows at 9600 baud
can be tedious. the 14.4k modems should improve that.

In computer shopper(those BIG pc sales magazines), I have seen
similar modems from another company for $200 or so.
Even the 14.4k modems. Assuming they are good, that may be the
less expensive way to go. Have fun!


Consider the ZyXEL U1496E for your highspeed needs.

It will do all the usual V32 V32bis V42 V42bis stuff.
It runs at 14.4 with other modems but if connected to
another ZyXEL it will run at 16.8 (it will FAX at that
speed, too!!).

The ZyXELs are very popular in Europe, especially Germany.
In fact I believe there is a news group about them.

They are made in Taiwan (what isn't) and with firmware
of 5.x and above they can be used in a voice mail system
because they will have voice capabilities. (I haven't
actually seen it for myself but they claim they can be
used with the new CallerID system available in some

They come in about six models that range from a 16-unit rack
system to an LCD panel version or LED version and down to
a pc board model for the IBM PC.

Substantial discounts are available off the list prices.
ZyXEL warrants them for at least two years (up to five depending
on the model). Prompt delivery.

Give me an address and I'll send you the spec sheets.

If this sounds like a commercial I guess you're right.
I export them to mailorder dealers in Germany. But I
use them and they work great right out of the box (on my PC). is writing FAX software that runs on Suns.

Be sure to get v5.05 or newer firmware. It's the most feature-rich.

David K. Bryant


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