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Date: Tue Feb 09 1993 - 04:32:20 CST

i got many many pieces of mail on this topic and thought it would be best
if i posted it and let people know what's out there. essentially there is
a list maintained at Berkeley by Dan Wallach which is specifically aimed
toward repetitive motion injuries. included in this posting is how to get
that information and some information regarding a couple of packages for
suns that are voice input command solutions.

there is also a specific answer from Dan Wallach regarding a foot pedal which
can be acquired to use as a control key (or for any key).

>From: Claus Assmann <>

IN^3 from Command Corp (Phone 404-925-7950, FAX 404-925-7924) is a
(simple ?) speech recognition program for SPARC. There is a demo on the
Catalyst CD volume 4 (that's were I've found it).

>From: (Martin Kelly)

Subject: SayIt! Product Announcement
>From: (Jean Kovacs)
Org: Qualix Group & Agog, Inc
Phone: 1-800-245-UNIX (1-415-572-0200)
Fax: 1-415-572-1300

Qualix Group & Agog, Inc. are pleased to announce one of the
hottest new products to hit the Sun market in years. SayIt is
combines voice recognition with macro-building capability
for less then $300 a copy! Here is more information:


           Voice commands and Macro Builder for
                    Sun Sparcstations

General Description:

        SayIt! lets users create time-saving voice-activated
        macros that can include any sequence of keyboard or mouse

        All macros can be activated via voice commands or keyboard/
        mouse commands. This dramatically increases user productivity
        and makes SayIt two products in one:

                  Voice command software
                  Powerful macro builder


        o Add voice control to any application

        o Powerful macro capability - macros can be executed
           with voice, keyboard, or mouse

        o Macros can include:

                --mouse commands
                --UNIX shell scripts
                --clipboard text
                --window opening/closing
                --OpenLook drag 'n drop

        o Macros can function within an application or between
           applications (see examples below)

        o Easy to install and train -- all point & click!

        Sun SPARCstation with OS 4.1.1 or greater and OW 3.0
        or greater.

        Product evaluations will be available via e-mail
        from Qualix. Contact us at for
        more information.

        SayIt works with the SunMicrophone (tm) and any other
        microphone that plugs into the Sun audio jack. For
        noisy environments (such as a factory floor), we also
        recommend headset or radio-controlled microphones.
        (A radio-controlled microphone lets the user walk away
        from the workstation, but still execute commands.)

        Contact Qualix for more information on specific microphones.

Pricing/Ordering Information:

        Quantity 1: $295

                Order now and get a 33% discount!

        Quantity discounts are available. Contact Qualix
        for details.

Ordering Information:

        To order or get more informaion:


                Call 1-800-245-UNIX

                Fax 1-415-572-1300

        Qualix takes VISA, MasterCard, American Express or
        a corporate purchase order.

>From: Eric De Mund <>

See the typing injury FAQ posted to and other
newsgroups. Its three parts are:

    1. General Info
         o Mailing lists, newsgroups, etc.
         o The archive
         o General info on injuries
         o Typing posture, ergonomics, prevention, treatment
         o Requests for more info
         o References
    2. Keyboard Alternatives
         o Using a PC's keyboard on your workstation / compatibility issues
         o Apple Computer, Inc.
         o Keytronic
         o Dragon Systems
         o The Bat
         o DataHand
         o Comfort Keyboard System
         o Kinesis Ergonomic Keyboard
         o Maltron
         o The Tony! Ergonomic KeySystem
         o The MIKey
         o The Wave
         o The Minimal Motion Computer Access System
         o Twiddler
         o Half-QWERTY
         o Microwriter
         o Braille 'n Speak
         o Octima
         o AccuKey
    3. Software Monitoring Tools
         o Typing management tools
         o Keyboard remapping tools

It's also available via anonymous ftp from
[] in the directory pub/typing-injury.

Fabrice Guerini DOMAIN :
        IN3 Voice Command
        Command Corp. Inc.
        (404) 925-7950

        Qualix Group, Inc.


>From: (Dan Wallach)

A friend forwarded your questions to me. I maintain a FAQ on this subject,
which is posted monthly to a number of newsgroups.
is the lowest bandwidth of these, and is a good place to ask this question.

I'll be sending you my FAQ in a separate letter, but in answer to your question
"looking for a foot pedal that he could use as a control key", you may want
to look at Kinesis (see the FAQ for phone number and stuff). I have one,
myself, and I'm quite happy with it. It can have up to two foot pedals
which can be remapped in the keyboard's firmware to generate whatever
key you want (mine generates ESCAPE for vi usage...).

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me, or post to

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