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Date: Fri Feb 05 1993 - 04:50:13 CST

About a week ago I posted this:

>I am having a strange problem with YP. The full story goes like this:
>we wanted to change one of our servers from an ELC to a SS1, this
>server happened to be a slave server for YP as well. What I did was
>simply unplug the scsi disks from the ELC and plugged them into the
>SS1 and booted, everything came up fine. I then setup our isdn stuff
>and got the server hooked up to the rest of our network which also
>worked fine. Not long after though yacca (the machine in question)
>suddenly decided that the nis master (mulga) no longer existed even
>though we could still ping mulga. Now one thing that I must confess
>was that yacca was in the ethers file under a different name but I
>fixed that and bashed mulga until I could manually make yacca bind to
>our domain, great I thought I fixed the problem, but no now what
>happens is yacca will hang during boot on the first command that tries
>to make use of one of the files under YP control (for example
>/etc/hosts). If I manually start YP on yacca then I can get it going
>with no problems, YP works, yacca does not hang but none of this magic
>happens at boot. What have I done to deserve this?

As it turns out I had an inspiration and fixed the problem. It turned
out that I had misconfigured the ptp devices (these are things to do
with the Sun Internet Router) so that I had a single ptp configured
for two links. The strange thing is that the network still worked, I
could ftp, rlogin and so on but YP just would not work.

Thanks to 2Lt David Hightower who sent the following suggestion:

Is the domainname correct for both? We had a similar problem, where one
of our slave servers' /etc/defaultdomain listed a different domain....

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