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Date: Thu Feb 04 1993 - 15:23:40 CST

Summary of SPARC Portabls:

FWIW, just as I was getting ready to post this summary
I received a mail message that said that Sun has come out
with portables. This was the only message that mentioned
Sun portables.

Two sources I know of or have been informed of:

Tadpole Technologies Inc. 800/232-6656
12012 Technology Blvd 512/219-2200
Austin, TX 78727 USA 512/219-2222 FAX

Tadpole makes the SPARCbook line of portable SPARC systems.
The SPARCbooks are custom built from the ground up. There
are currently three systems available, SPARCbook 1,
SPARCbook 1 LC and SPRACbook 2.

I did not receive any specific information about the
SPARCbook 1 or SPARCbook 1 LC from Tadpole so I won't
try to describe them. But, the salesman said that the
basic system, with no options, wieghs 7 lbs.

The information below is from "SPARCbook 2* U.S Price List
Effective January 11, 1993.", that was supplied by Tadpole.

SPARCbook2 standard configuration: $10,950
    16MB Memory
    250MB drive
    color TFT active-matrix LCD
    no floppy drive.

    Additional 16MB Memory: $2,400
    Additional 250MB drive: $1,250

"SPARCbook 2 models ship with pre-loaded Solaris(r) 1.0.1
SPARCbook Version with Tadpole's Nomadic Computing Environ-
ment(tm), plus the following standard accessories: complete
OS and SPARCbook OS Lite on CD-ROM, SPARCbook User Guide,
battery, external power supply/2-hour fast chargr, modem
cable, audio cable, SCSI cable adapter, video cable adapter
and nylon carying case."

The SPARCbooks have a 640X480 screen.


RDI Computer Corp.
6815 Flanders Drive
San Diego, CA 92121 USA

615/558-8943 FAX

RDI Computer Corp makes the BriteLite line of "Laptop
Workstations," and weigh about 14 lbs. There are two
models the BriteList IPX and the BriteLite IPC. Each
of these is built around a Sun manufactured IPC or IPX

Below are selective sections of the "Specifications" sheets.

BriteLite IPX:

OS: Sun OS 4.1.1, Sunview and OpenWindows
Processor: Combined SPARC RISC IU and FPU 40MHz
Memory: 16-64MB RAM, 64KB cache
Media: 3.5" floppy, 240MB hard
Display: Color: 640x480 Sharp Thin Film Transistor LCD
           Monochrome: 1152X900 LCD
Keyborad: Sun-4 compatible

BriteLite IPC:

OS: Sun OS 4.1.1, Sunview and OpenWindows
Processor: IU SPARC RISC 25MHz FPU-SPARC-IEEE Standard 754
Memory: 8-48MB RAM, 64KB cache
Media: 3.5" floppy, 240MB hard
Display: Monochrome: 1152X900 LCD
Keyborad: Sun-4 compatible

Can't decipher the costs from the FAX I received from my
distributor so I wont quote any except that it looks like
the basic systems are around $6,000 and $8,000.

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