SUMMARY: Xylogics tape controller on 4/280 problem

From: Chip Campbell (
Date: Wed Feb 03 1993 - 09:18:33 CST

I asked a week or so ago about configuring a Xylogics 472 tape controller
for use on a 4/280 with a Cipher pertec tape drive. I got the following
kind responses:

From: mike@nmr-mike.MGH.Harvard.Edu (Mike Vevea)

>I've got basically the same set up...
>...If you don't get any help in the next week or so, let me know, and I'll
>see if I can take the system down long enough to check switches.

From: (Dan Lanciani)

> Are you sure you don't have the two 50-pin cables flipped or
>reversed? I seem to recall that there is a combination that makes it
>act the way you describe. Worse, the state persists until you power-cycle
>the card, with cables correct...

Bingo. I had tried two of the four cable connection-orientation possibilities.
One of the two I hadn't tried works just fine. Guess I'll stick to 10baseT
(pre-connected patch cords, of course).

I now have in my notes a working configuration of the many switches
on the Xylogics board and the Aviv multibus-to-vme adapter, so anyone
interested won't have to bug Mike to pull his board.

Thanks to both of them,

Chip Campbell
Sunnybrook Health Science Centre (University of Toronto)

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