SUMMARY: Printing Turned Flaky

From: Scott A Surguine (s3surgui@copper.Denver.Colorado.EDU)
Date: Tue Feb 02 1993 - 19:08:14 CST


My original post covered the fact that printing was an impossibility for
all of my 4 SPARCS attempting to print on a novell printer via novell's
print NLM. I had attempted to lprm an active entry in the queue which
caused lpq to hang. The culprit:

Attempting to remove from the print queue caused the Novell server to CRASH!!
Thus all attempts to access the que info were non-responsive and hung. Also
when performing lpc, there was a file in the spool directory waiting to print.
It provided me with a clue that it was waiting for asa1 < the server > to
come back online.

I should have listened to my initial gut feeling that something was wrong with
the server.

Two Lessons learned here:

1) If you are going to remove an entry in the print queue in the novell world,
    use Novell's pconsole to do so.
2) Be careful using lprm on active jobs.

I still my ORIGINAL printing problem however, that is I can print on a
machine remotely over the net but not from its console. Kind of peculiar.
For Example:

I can print from sun1 while remotely logged in from sun0, but not at console
of sun1.

I can also print from sun0 remotely from sun1, but not at sun0's console.

Any Clues on This are Appreciated!!


Scott Surguine

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