Summary on using Milan Fastport vs Jet Direct ...

From: Clint Olsen (
Date: Tue Feb 02 1993 - 19:03:59 CST


Many people requested this information, so here it is:

The Milan Fastport seemed to work well with most people's setup.
One person did reply that his network performance was poor, but
I have a feeling that his ethernet could be screwed up.

Using the Fastport seems to have one advantage over Jet Direct.
With the Jet Direct, you have to configure a boot server so that
the card can find out it's IP address. Basically, you run a couple
of daemons like bootpd (or bootparamd) and the card broadcasts its
ethernet address. The server then gives it it's IP address and
then the printer pseudo boots over the network.

The Fastport also supports this, but you can also hookup the fastport
to a serial port and program the thing yourself. You just tell it
it's IP number and it never requires the server to boot up. The only
question in my mind on this setup is, "Where's the spooler?"

The Milan products come in a 60Kbyte and 100Kbyte per second models.
I'm not sure about the throughput of the Jet Direct card.

I may have some of the finer points wrong on this, so please feel
free to correct me if I'm wrong.

FYI, I'm ordering the Fastport due to recommendations from others.


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