SUMMARY: problem booting SS10 (continued)

From: Todd Pfaff (
Date: Mon Feb 01 1993 - 13:39:58 CST

I got another interesting reply to my problem (see below).
Can anybody explain what this little bit of FORTH magic is doing
and verify whether it will solve my problem?

Since my previous posting, I have verified that I have a firmware
revision of 4.16 in the Maxtor 207MB drive, which is below the
required rev level.

Luckily, I have an internal drive in another SPARCstation which
I can swap with this one...

>From Mon Feb 1 14:11:28 1993
>Date: Mon, 1 Feb 93 13:10:17 CST
>From: (Dave Williams)
>Subject: Re: problem booting SS10
>We had the same problem with a Wren VII on a SS10/30.
>Sun sent us the following advice:
>>Does anyone know of a fix short of upgrading the firmware from
>>SEAGATE of booting a WRENVII from an SS10. The patch that would
>>work for an SS2 does not work for a SS10. It seems that the SS10 NVRAM
>>does not have the same variable "sstart" as the SS2 NVRAM to turn
>>off the immediate bit in the "spin-up" command. Any help or pointers
>>would be appreciated. Thanks.
>Right. Here's the new patch. This applies to all systems (not just SS10's)
>with 2.6 or later Open Boot PROMs.
> ok nvedit
> 0: probe-all install-console banner
> 1: cd /esp
> 2: ' 0 ' 1 ' timed-spin >body 7 /token * + token@ (patch
> 3: device-end
> ^C
> ok nvstore
> ok setenv use-nvramrc? true
> use-nvramrc? = true
> ok
>1) Don't change the spacing in line 2 above. It's important!
>2) If there is more than one "esp" node in the system (i.e., if you have more
> than one SCSI Host Adapter), then you must substitute the full OBP pathname
> of the esp node that has the Wren VII on it for "/esp" in the example.
>We have not tried it yet but it looks promising.
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