SUMMARY Helvetica + groff help ?

From: paul@hydres.uucp
Date: Mon Feb 01 1993 - 09:34:48 CST

My original question:

> We have a requirement with troff to use different fonts to
> postscript printers. Our main interest is to get Helvetica
> out of troff. Using transcript you can use ptroff which seems
> to do the job. however Newsprint does not seem so
> easy to use ? pl ( Prelimm) has lots of options to
> run on the command line but we cannot get it to work
> with troff output. It would appear that it could with ditroff
> output ut we don't seem to be able to prouce thst either.
> So guys and girls, anyway of doing this ? we can using prelim produce
> helvetica from ascii text with pl so we are 'nearly there'

The replies :

I strongly recommend the GNU groff package. It gives a complete implementation
of nroff/troff, eqn, tbl, pic, refer and comes in C++ source code.
Of course you need a C++ compiler to produce it, but I suspect you could
find Sun binaries around. Groff gives you a lot of flexibility on
its output -- the default is Postscript.

Good luck,
--peter gross

A couple of public domain products that might help you out. groff from
GNU will produce postscript output in whichever font you choose.

psf will take ascii text and generate postcript. You can select the
font on the command line but its just one font for the whole document.
It also has quite a few other nifty features.

Hope this was helpfull.

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My problem is that I although I have the source for groff and I have gcc 1.30
my g++ is vbery old and I don't for some reason have the source.

Can any one either supply me groff executable or g++ executables
or g++ source or something to get me going ? I am in the UK and ony
have a 9600 baud modem link but would be prepared to pay
post both ways and issue my own media - please help We are nearly there !

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