SUMMARY: Mac Emulation on the Sun

From: Patti Stirk (
Date: Thu Jan 28 1993 - 20:24:23 CST

Thank you for the speedy reply managers, 25 replies in all! No mas! No mas!

In Sum (special thanks to Phil Antoine (antoine@RadOnc.Duke.EDU):

> product is called Liken.. $695 fixed and $895
>for floating license

>Yes, there is a product from Xcelerated Systems called Liken. I am currently
>runnung version 1.2 on my SS2 under OS 4.1.1 and MIT X11R5. The initial
>offering (V1.0) only worked under Openwindows because they used some of the
>Sun extentions, but they've gotten away from that. Version 1.2 emulates a Mac
>Classic running System 6.0.7 and LaserWriter driver 5.2. It doesn't yet
>support Multifinder and they are currently working on System 7 support. As it
>sits on my desk, it is a fairly functional Mac. You can't use 800/400K
>floppies because the Sun floppy drive can't physically cope with those Mac

>It sells in single CPU and floating license configurations. We have a floating
>license. It works well for the things we do. We compose documents on our
>desktop and if they don't involve really intense fonts, we print from there.
>I say that because I am having trouble with wysiwig of my New York font. Liken
>submits Postscript via lpr to your Unix postscript printer. I'm pretty sure
>it's the printer (HPLJIII w/ Postscript module). Other than that, it works
>well. They claim to run hundreds of packages and DA's without trouble. I
>haven't had trouble with any that we use. As long as the package doesn't try
>to tweak the hardware it's probably fine. The sound interface has been trapped
>such that the Sun will beep at you for the Mac system beep. That's all the
>sound you'll get for now.
>They can be reached at 619-576-3080 (San Diego)

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