summary: scsi on a 4/260

From: Steve M. Blumenau (
Date: Thu Jan 28 1993 - 18:53:05 CST

Thanks to all for you help.

My system had a scsi tape drive in it already and I wanted to know how
to get at the scsi cable to hook up other devices.

1) remove the top cover and there is a small access hole that will let
   you see the mt-02 tape controller. This is the only device that is
   connected to the scsi cable.
2) the scsi cable has another 50 pin ribbon connector at the end and
   is rolled up inside. I cut the retainer and the ribbon came out the
   top access hole.
3) The mt-02 has two terminating resistor packs (they are yellow rectangles).

        | |
        | rp1 |
        | |
        | | front of tower
        | led |
        | led |
        | |
        | |
        | |
        | |
        | rp2 |
        | |

4) remove the terminating resistors and make a cable to convert from 50pin
   ribbon to what ever - or just extend it.
5) at this point any device can be added and either it must be terminated
   or the end of the new cable must be terminated.

notes: the scsi is slow - but works.
       keep the total length of the cable less that 6-8 feet.
       it takes a small hand (my wifes) to get inside the access hole.
          if you cannot do this, you will have to take apart the tower
          which I have been told is not something that anyone would
          wnat to do.

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