SUMMARY: X server for PC running PC/NFS

From: Robert Johnson (
Date: Tue Jan 26 1993 - 12:13:34 CST

I originally wrote:
>We are Sun workstation users who have recently started using a
>PC for a specific project. The PC is a 486DX50 and we plan on
>using a 3COM Etherlink III card running PC/NFS 4.0. The Sun
>server will be a SPARCstation 2 running SunOS 4.1.2. We would
>also like to have an X server for the PC preferably running under
>MS Windows 3.1. We would like to have MS Windows applications
>running along side X sessions. We would therefore greatly
>appreciate any email with pro/con recommendations for X servers
>for the PC, especially from people experienced with a setup similar
>to ours.

The PC X server that was most recommended from people with setups
similar to mine was VisionWare's XVision. Another X server that
received a lot of recommendations was Hummingbird's eXceed/W. One
person had found that XVision had better performance than eXceed
on his system using Beame&Whiteside PC NFS. PC-XView from NCD was
also recommended by a few people.

Thank you to all that have responded:

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