SUMMARY: OS for SS10 mod 41

From: Alan Medsker (
Date: Mon Jan 25 1993 - 17:00:35 CST

I said:

I recently got a Sparcstation 10, model 41, which was shipped with JumpStart
only on the internal disk. I'm pretty sure that either 4.1.3 or Solaris 2.x
is required (I have neither <sigh>), but I'm unsure as to how to actually
boot the thing once I do get a 4.1.3 CDROM. Obviously, once I get the CDROM,
I can try things, but I'm impatient (and I admit it!). Also, is there a
special version of 4.1.3 that's required, perhaps (with all the cache
instruction pre-fetch whatever stuff that the 41 CPU does)? In any case,
what I would like to know is:

   1) What's the procedure once I get a 4.1.3 CDROM here, to get JumpStart
      to JumpStart my system.

   2) If it's not the same as 1), what's the procedure for Solaris 2.x?

Quick Summary:

For 4.1.3, use "boot cdrom" at the ok prompt, and run suninstall from there.

For Solaris 2.1, booting the system with a CDROM attached (with 2.1 media in
it), or on a network where there's a JumpStart server, will get you going.

Elongated Diatribe:

I got seven responses that said "JumpStart is only for Solaris 2.1 and above,
which conflicts with the experiences of at least one Sun SE that I talked
to, who has installed 4.1.3 on mod 30's using JumpStart. Another SE told me
that JumpStart would NOT install 4.1.3 for me, and that turned out to be the
case here. Once I got the 4.1.3 CD, I tried to boot JumpStart and let it do
its stuff, but it failed, in a non-deterministic way (IOW, I forgot what it
said, but it wasn't the same every time).

A few folks said that "JumpStart is for installing off the network [only]".
This is clearly NOT the case; it will search for a copy of Solaris on CD in
addition to the network (not sure of the order, though).

I got a number of responses that claimed that JumpStart would, in fact, find
and recognize the 4.1.3 CD, and boot it (though that's *all* it would do).
Again, this didn't work for me, but I'm convinced that it *should* have, and
that something was wrong with my JumpStart, or an eeprom setting was wrong,
or something else. The workaround is easy, though (just boot from the CD).

I got one answer telling me that SS10's only run Solaris 2.1 and above, but
that's obviously NOT the case (sorry, Peter!).

I also got one reply indicating that an _MP_ mod 41 would only run Solaris
2.1. Mine's a single processor machine, so I don't know if that's the case
or not.

Finally, Guy Harris at Auspex ( presented a detailed summary
of the Viking chip set, run time loaders, on-chip instruction caches and
the like. I guess I asked for that when I mentioned instruction pre-fetches
in my original posting... :-)

Many thanks to those that offered detailed information on installing a 4.1.x
system from scratch--I now realize that the mod 41 isn't any different when
it comes to this.

Thanks to all the rest who replied, also. Anyone that wants more detail than
this can send me email and I'll forward what I have to you.

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