SUMMARY: Input on SCSI wanted

From: Donald McLachlan (
Date: Fri Jan 22 1993 - 04:19:20 CST

Thanks to all for your input.

Here is the basic info I hav gathered to date.

- SCSI fast narrow is easy to come by in both single ended and differential
  flavors for both SBUS and VME. If you have the choice, go SBUS. A fast
  narrow SBUS host adapter is available from SUN now, but delivery is 60-90

- I have not been able to find a fast wide SBUS host adapter yet, but
  Performance Technologies expect to have one available in the April/May
  time frame. For more info, talk to

- On a related note, and a crying shame, the ONLY SCSI fast wide host
  adapter I have been able to find is by BUSLOGIC for PC's. (EISA).
  For info, try

        BusLogic Tel 408-492-9090
        4151 Burton Drive
        Santa Clara, CA

- You can mix SCSI slow sync/async and SCSI fast on the same single ended
  bus and the host adapter will negociate and use the fastest mode
  supported by each device on the bus. I suspect the same is true of
  SCSI fast wide (ie. if device can't support wide, host adapter will talk
  narrow) but there was no hard answer on this one.

- There are lots of fast narrow disks available now. Sun has them also.

- I know of 2 fast wide disks available from Seagate (Wren 9 and Elite).

- Coming late into the game, it may take a while for SCSI fast wide to
  get a toe-hold.

- Differential SCSI might become more popular since there are more bus length
  problems as the bus speed increases, but right now it is not common, and
  it is expensive.

Once again, thanks to all for their input.


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