SUMMARY: How to Bootstrap GNU on Solaris 2.1

From: John Murtari (
Date: Thu Jan 21 1993 - 19:28:55 CST

The Community:

        There was an overwhelming reply to my question about how to
get the GNU software running on Solaris 2.1 (without having a compiler
to start with). Thank you for your responses (over 50 people replied)!!

        They are:

        1). Get a binary destribution of Cygnus GCC from:

-rw-r--r-- 1 167 12697 Jul 16 1992 README
-rw-r--r-- 1 167 5851617 Jul 16 1992 cygnus-sol2-1.0.bin.tar.Z
-rw-r--r-- 1 167 28258 Jul 15 1992 INSTALL

            -- this is the approach we took and it worked very well, did
            -- not even have to do a compile. The cygnus installation
            -- instructions were very simple -- whole thing was installed in
            -- less than 30 minutes.

        2.) Gcc binary is on the Sun catalyst CD, volume 4,
        courtesy of Cyngus Support.

        hat is off to Jeff Bacon <> for this:

        I successfully built and run gcc 2.2.2 this way.

It requires a machine running 4.1.x and a solaris box. steps as follows:
1) untar gcc on the 4.1 machine, preferably in a place where the solaris
   box can mount it.
2) run config for sparc-sun-sol2 on the 4.1 box.
3) run the first make. * IT WILL DIE. LET IT. * **DON'T DO ANYTHING.**
4) go to the solaris 2 box.
   set your path to include /usr/ccs/bin and /usr/ccs/lib.
   mount the directory where you were building gcc on the 4.1 box.
   (alternatively, you could skip the mounting, and tar it across to
   the solaris 2 box if you couldn't do the mount.)
5) on the solaris 2 box, in the gcc build dir, type in the same make
   command you ran on the 4.1 box. it will pick right up where it
   left off and build. honest.
6) continue from here on the solaris 2 box, per GNU directions.
   take a hint, and do a "stage 3" build as well - after you do
   the stage 2 build, remove the stage1 dir, mv stage2 stage1, and
   redo the stage 2 build. It takes this extra step to actually get
   a binary that will survive the "make compare". I think this is
   cause it has to get out all traces of the 4.1 code.

the trick: it runs on the 4.1 box, and generates the first level
xgcc and libs. these are 4.1 binaries, BUT IT IS PRODUCING ELF CODE. This
is why the make dies, if I recall - it tries to run a binary it built using
that first xgcc. which of course it can't cause it is trying to run ELF code.
so, you switch to the solaris box and run there. you're running gcc in BC
mode, sure, but it's generating the right output.

                                                        Thanks again,
                                                        John Murtari


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