SUMMARY: changing default boot device on SS1

Date: Thu Jan 21 1993 - 17:08:00 CST

I wrote:

$ I have a sparcstation 1 with two internal disk drives and one external
$ drive. Disk 0 is bad. It's not a high priority to fix this because I
$ have enough disk space and I've configured it to use root and /usr from
$ disk 1 and swap and /var on the external disk. How do I set the
$ default boot device so I don't have to type "b sd(0,1,0)" to boot? The
$ eeprom does not seem to have a field for boot-file.

This was an old eeprom so some of your advice didn't pertain to it.
There is no field for boot-device. However, some of you knew that
there is a boot-from field. The answer was to type "eeprom
'boot-from=sd(0,1,0)vmunix'". I could have also done a "n" and a
"setenv ..." but I did the change while remotely logged in. I tested
it by rebooting. (I'm brave.)

Thanks to: (Frank Dzaak)
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