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From: M M Uddin (Pablo) (
Date: Thu Jan 21 1993 - 16:48:36 CST

The original message:

        We have a few SPARCstation2 running SunOS Release 4.1.1. I was using
a remote tape drive ( /dev/rst1 ) with the "rsh" utility, and this worked fine
for a while. All of a sudden it is not working anymore.

For example, as root:

        % rsh ser0 ls
        ser0: ser0: No such file or directory


        % rsh localhost ps
        localhost: localhost: No such file or directory

As indicated by almost everyone who responded, my path variable was incorrect.
I was using the /usr/lib/rsh rather than /usr/ucb/rsh. The fix was to move
/usr/ucb before /usr/lib in the path variable.

Thanks to all who responded (Micky Liu) (Casper Dik)
Pauline van Winsen ups!pauline@fourx.Aus.Sun.COM (Torsten Metzner)

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