SUMMARY: Keyboard LED error conditions (pre-boot)

From: Chris P. Ross (
Date: Wed Jan 20 1993 - 02:41:40 CST

Chris P. Ross said:
> Does anyone know what the error status reported by the keyboard LED's
> before a Sparc (IPX in this case) boots, mean? I assume it has a system
> similar to the old Sun3 cylon's, but I can't find a table for it anywhere.
> Can anyone help me?
> - Chris

  Well, many thanks to all of those who responded. The problem was, that it
wasn't the worlds most easiest thing to find.

  That's what I get having a machine crash on a holiday, all of the rest of
the staff wasn't here, and I am unfortunately not one in a position that I'd
be likely to have a copy of the "Installation Guide" from the desktop set.

  But, the responses to my original request were mostly: "Look at Appendix A
of the IPX Installation Guide".

  Again, thanks. And, many thanks to those who sent me the list, now at least
I know what's wrong with it. :-)

                              - Chris

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