SUMMARY: Problem booting IPC from CD-ROM

Date: Tue Jan 19 1993 - 22:01:08 CST


I asked:

>today I've tried to boot a Sun IPC to get Solaris 1.0.1 and 1.1 from CD-ROM.
>It wasn't successful. I received the following messages:
>Solaris 1.0.1:
>b sd(0,6,2)
>Booting from sd(0,6,2)
>Bootblock: libprom: Romvec 0
>Boot: libprom: Romvec 0
>boot-block startup failed
>Illegal Instruction
>Solaris 1.1:
>b sd(0,6,2)
>Booting from sd(0,6,2)
>boot-block startup failed
>Illegal Instruction
>Booting Solaris 2.1 will happen on the same machine without any problems.
>Do you have any hints for me how to fix it? Thanx for your help.
Bill Maggio <> gave me the hint to replace the SCSI cable.
I don't understand the reason because booting SOLARIS 2.1 has worked.

Thanks to Bill. Here is his quick answer

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>From Tue Jan 19 15:09:08 1993
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From: Bill Maggio <>
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Have you just tried typing `boot cdrom`? This can be typed at
the new command mode prompt (eg, the ok prompt).

You may also want to recheck or replace the SCSI cable(s). I
have seen a similar problem and was simply a bad scsi cable (even
though it was a brand new cable!).

Bill Maggio

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