SUMMARY: struct hostent *gethostent()

Date: Tue Jan 19 1993 - 08:58:18 CST

Ok, here it is:

#I have a simple little program here, that uses this function.
#Does anybody know where sun put it? Linking seem to blow up.

I got responses from:

From: Gustavo Vegas <gustavo@ece.concordia.CA>
From: Casper Dik <>
From: (m solda)
From: (Phil Blanchfield)
From: (Guy Harris)
From: Mitchum DSouza <>
From: Dieter Muller <>
From: (Luis Henrique Guilherme Rosalino - esp)
From: "Brian H. Powell" <>
From: Roger Hale <>
From: unisql! (Louis Marco)
From: ups!kalli!kevin@fourx.Aus.Sun.COM (Kevin Sheehan {Consulting Poster Child})
From: Christian.Peter@uluru.Aus.Sun.COM (Christian Peter - SUN Sydney - Software Support)

Most were correct.

The answer is simple: I had installed the DNS stuff, but did not
know that this removed the gethostent function. A simple little
fix fixed this.


PS: My fix was a simple little routine, added to libc, that
     printed out: "FIX ME TO USE DNS!", neat, eh?

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