SUMMARY: Solaris 1.1 upgrade and Backup Copilot

Date: Fri Jan 15 1993 - 19:13:52 CST

Glenn Carver reminded me that I have been delinquent in posting a summary
of Backup Copilot installation with SunOS 4.1.3. This combination is not
recommended by the installation materials but is workable if you proceed
as I did.

Copilot works correctly with 4.1.3 I reviewed things with my sales
engineer and did the following.

        1. Upgraded to 4.1.3

        2. Installed copilot materials but used existing configuration

        3. Installed copilot jumbo patch. Replaces daemons and clients

I did not remake my kernel. The nfs jumbo patch and stuff were already
provided as a part of the 4.1.3 materials.

The include files were the same except for the revision id ...

The install script will not restore stuff which it shouldn't.

Things have worked perfectly well since upgrade.

The usual warnings about having / and /usr well backed up apply but I've
experienced no problems.

Dave Hamby

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