SUMMARY: C compiler for Solaris

From: Vicki Rosenzweig (tellab5!uunet!murphy!acmcr!
Date: Thu Jan 14 1993 - 09:39:13 CST

I appear to have asked an easy question.

I asked whether we could run the SunOS 4.1.2 C compiler
under Solaris 2.1. The answer is no: the format of
executables has been changed.

I also asked about public domain software, and EVERYONE pointed me to the
Gnu C compiler. Available on the Catalyst CD (which we don't get routinely,
but I sent for the relevant CD, which is volume 4). If anyone else wants
to get that, call 1-800-227-9227 and ask for extension 103. The nice
woman will ask you for your name and address and say she's shipping you
a copy. The Gnu C compiler is also available via anonymous FTP, according
to my email, from I haven't tried this
myself. Apparently if I had a support contract on a language package,
it would include the new C compiler, but all we've paid for is Answerline
service, so we don't get it. A couple of people offered to send me
copies of gcc on tape if I'd send them a tape, but since I'm getting
the CD-ROM I don't expect to have to take them up on it.

In case anyone needs it, here is the address of the
Free Software Foundation:

The Free Software Foundation
675 Massachusetts Ave.
Cambridge, MA 02139
617 876-3296

Perry Hutchinson kindly answered the question I hadn't
known enough to ask, giving a list of sites that provide
archie service by mail:

>Archie service is available via email to any of

> (New Jersey)
> (Lincoln, NE)
> (Michigan)
> (Canada)
>Response time varies greatly, but if I have gotten no response to an
>inquiry within a day or two I generally try sending it to a different

As for Solaris, most people advised me to wait, since in
the short term nobody but Sun developers needs to run it,
and there are headaches involved in the move.
I got one vote for moving to Solaris because it makes
sysadmin work easier once you're used to it, and one
very strong no, from Tim Hoogasian:

>Upgrade? Ha. (Yeeeccccchhhhhh!!!!! Ptthhhhbbbttttt!!!!!)

>We've got it in house, and as far as I'm concerned, I hope the BSDI
>folks win their suit with USL so the Unix community can still have
>a choice of BSD vs SysV. I test-installed Solaris 2.1 yesterday and
>wished I hadn't. Just about *nothing* is the same. (Speaking as a
>Sysadmin.) If BSDI wins and are able to come out with a competing
>OS that'll run on the late-model hardware, I predict that Sun will
>take it in the shorts from the BSD community. I know a lot of
>folks *inside* Sun hate the direction Sun's going in, but aren't
>in a position to change things (sigh).

I have a rather large file of all the mail I received on
this point, which I'll hang on to for a few days; if anyone
wants the whole thing, let me know and I'll send it to you.
It includes a fair amount of information on Cygnus as well as
Sun's rationale for unbundling the compiler in the first place.

Thanks to everyone who responded (listed in order of when I got the message):

Brian Bartholomew <> (Amir J Katz) (Claus Assmann)
James J Dempsey <> (Mike Steadman)
Mike Raffety <>
bit!jayl@Sun.COM (Jay Lessert)
Gustavo Vegas <gustavo@ece.concordia.CA> (Jose A. Fernandez)
murphy!uunet!tellab5!nucsrl!!randy (Rand S. Huntzinger)
John Bossert,
Malcolm C. Strickland (
uunet!nucsrl!!era (Ed Arnold)
Andy Feldt
Ken Bibb
Tom Davis --- Jim Lick
murphy!uunet!tellab5!nucsrl!!hoogs (Tim Hoogasian)
Alan Medsker (
Hal Mirsky (
David Fetrow (
John DiMarco (
Kevin Sheehan (murphy!uunet!tellab5!nucsrl!fourx.Aus.Sun.COM!ups!kevin (Brett Lymn) (Lenny Simon)
pgt1! (Rick Mott)
Glenn Satchell glenn%ups.uucp@fourx.Aus.Sun.COM
trdlnk! (Michael Sullivan)

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