Summary Interactive Restore & NIS Master Slave

From: Scott A Surguine (s3surgui@copper.Denver.Colorado.EDU)
Date: Wed Jan 13 1993 - 04:51:28 CST

Thanks For all the Responses:

I had 2 questions:

1) Regarding I had not done an interactive restore in Aeons. Well .... I wish
   one of you guys had flamed me and told me to RTFM ... :-) Thats what I
   actually had to do anyway.

   Question Was: When I perform an interactive restore I get a response
   asking me to enter the volume #. What gives?

   The answer is the to enter the volume # on which the tape resides or
   if unsure to enter the last one & work your way back.

   Interactive Restore is actually quite simple. You simply cd to the
   dir in which the file(s) reside and add the file to the list
   then later extract the files.

2) Regarding NIS ... When I took my master down yesterday, I had to
    noticed that my Master could not come back up as the Master server.
    Since the master was down a little over 3 minutes ... NIS timed
    out and the slave became the server.

    ypwhich showed that my slave had taken over for the slave which was

    Mr. Stern himself responded to this question < I am indeed QUITE honored >
    Several other responsed were received which mirrored Mr. Stern's quite

Mr. Stern:

    your slave server didn't become the master -- the slave
    server just took over for the master that was down.
    the NIS master server name is embedded in the maps.
    confirm that your NIS master is still "there" with
        % ypwhich -m
    and see what machine NIS believes is the master server.

    what happened is that all clients bound to the slave
    server, including the master. if you want the master
    bound to itself, you can kill ypbind, restart it with
        # ypbind -ypsetme
    and then use
        # /usr/etc/yp/ypset ipaddr
    where "ipaddr" is the master' IP address.

    but this shouldn't really affect anything. over
    time, as NIS bindings are dissolved, ypbinds on the clients
    will "find" the master again.


A Sincere Thanks To Everyone

Scott A. Surguine

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