SUMMARY: screenblank blanking too well

From: Kevin W. Hammond (
Date: Tue Jan 12 1993 - 04:23:57 CST

Thanks to all who replied to my problem with screenblank. Here is
the original posting and what I have found:

> All of a sudden screenblank has started blanking the screen while we
> are working (as well as when it should) and once the screen is blank,
> will not respond to any keystrokes to restore the screen. We are
> having to hit Stop-A and then continuing from the PROM prompt in order
> to get the screen restored.
> Nothing has changed on the systems. I was gone on vacation over
> Christmas and New Years when it happened, but when another fellow returned
> from his vacation, he claimed all 5 of our SPARCs were in this blanked
> out state.

There seem to be two most common causes for this (and we seemed to have
had one of them :-) 1) if more than one copy of screenblank is running
at a time, they can end up in conflict and lock the screen; 2) if the
system date were to change (usually, set back) it will throw off the
timing mechanism of screenblank. This is most commonly caused by using

Well, we use rdate from cron to sync our clocks up with our server.
It's a fact of life that we'll probably have to live with.

Thanks to the following for the advice and inquiry:

Kevin W. Hammond


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