SUMMARY: Problem decoding FTPmail files

From: John Mc Grath (ext_adm!jmcgrath@uunet.UU.NET)
Date: Tue Jan 12 1993 - 00:54:30 CST

I received three replies within the hour.
Sorry I omitted that I had tried to use uudecode with no luck.
The answer was provided by two of the replies. I needed the "atob"
and "btoa" C programs from PD. Brett Chapman was kind enough to
supply me with a copy. I compiled them and was able to decode the
files with in ten minutes.

Thanks again for the help.!adam%bwnmr4 (Adam Shostack)!ca (Claus Assmann)!blc (Brett Chapman x7-4391)

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>From jmcgrath Mon Jan 11 10:32:33 1993
To: uunet!!sun-managers
Subject: Problem decoding FTPmail files

I am having a great deal of trouble decoding a specific type of file received via FTPmail. I have read and reread my SUN manuals and UUCP books from O'Reilly. Perhaps someone in netland can tell me how to convert the below example to a useable file.
System: SUN SPARCstation IPC
OS: 4.1.1b
Mem: 8 MB


[-] (binary uncompressed btoa, last)

xbtoa Begin
~~~much more of the same~~~~~
xbtoa End N 13382 3446 E a2 S 18d39a R aff7ab38


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