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From: Russell Conwath (
Date: Mon Jan 11 1993 - 12:57:56 CST

I thank all those individuals who sent replies to my query regarding
my problem with exporting file systems using the access option and
netgroups. The solution was embarrassingly simple. Remove the
commas from the software group definition in the /etc/netgroup file.
I ran make and all appears to be working properly. My original
question is attached below for reference. Again, many thanks!!


I have been having a problem for about a week now with mounting exported
directories when the access option is being used in conjunction with a
group listed in the netgroup file. The access option does work when
you list only clients and not groups from the netgroups file. I have read the
system manuals, the nutshell book "Managing NFS and NIS" and checked
the patch list for anything that would correct this problem. I know
there is a Jumbo patch for the NFS for our version of Sunos, but there
was no specific mention of this problem in the list of bug fixes. The most
curious thing is that this was working for several months until the
system, a Sun Sparcstation 2 running Sunos 4.1.2, was rebooted. I
have verified that we are running the same kernel that we were prior
to rebooting. Any assistance with this problem, or corroboration, would
be appreciated. I will summarize.

This is our exports file!

/usr -access=software:gatorbox
/home -access=software:gatorbox
/var/spool/mail -access=software:gatorbox
/var/tmp -access=software:gatorbox
/var/spool/pcnfs -access=software:gatorbox
/backup -access=software:gatorbox
/scx -access=software:gatorbox
/cdrom -access=software:gatorbox,ro

This is a shortened version of our netgroups file!

# netgroups
# Each user of NFS

# Software users
elvis (elvis,,
sciex (sciex,,
gatorbox (gatorbox,,
lucifer (lucifer,,

# Groups

software elvis, sciex, lucifer

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