From: Trevor Morrison (
Date: Mon Jan 11 1993 - 11:20:40 CST

Thanks. I now have xdm running the way I want it.
Several things need to be known for anyone else
with an interest in it. I had problems because of:
1) ports with numbers < 1023 (eg 177) need to be bound
to as root. ie you can't test the xdm command line as
anything other than root
2) maybe it appears to be necessary to define LD_LIBRARY_PATH
in rc.local before running xdm from there
3) Watch out for an earlier successfull run of xdm which
would prevent new copies being created as the port would
then be in use.
4) I myself discovered problems if you run .xsession as
a sh rather than as a csh script with things like mailtool
not working correctly.

my rc.local now looks like this:
if [ -f /tftpboot/Tektronix/XP/bin/sun4/xdmconfig/xdm-config ]; then
        LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/openwin/lib; export LD_LIBRARY_PATH
        /tftpboot/Tektronix/XP/bin/sun4/xdm \
        -config /tftpboot/Tektronix/XP/bin/sun4/xdmconfig/xdm-config &
        echo 'Started xdm '
(I just put the xdm stuff in the Tek tftpboot directory it could go in /usr/local/X11/xdm)

our default .xsession now looks like this:
# NB (NOT /bin/sh in our case)
if ($?XDM_INITIATED) then

        if (-x ${HOME}/.openwin-init) then
                ${HOME}/.openwin-init &

        exec /usr/openwin/bin/olwm


Thanks to those who responded:

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