SUMMARY 10% for buffer disk?

From: Jacques Beigbeder (
Date: Fri Jan 08 1993 - 12:49:36 CST

The question was:

>On a standard Unix machine, 10% of the real memory are reserved
>for disks buffering. Is there a way in SunOS to change this

I just received one answer... Thanks to
(Steve Hanson - FERMILAB, Batavia, Il.):

SunOS (well, current versions) disk buffers are mmaped. Essentially
the disk buffer space competes with everything else for system memory.
It isn't fixed at 10%. There's really nothing to tune for disk data buffer
space. You can tweak the metadata cache and the name buffer cache.
There is a good paper on that from the '90 or '91 Sun User Group
Technical Conference.

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