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From: Kee Koon Chua (
Date: Thu Jan 07 1993 - 03:46:38 CST

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>Happy New Year Sun managers,
> I had a US Robotics modem setup on my SPARC 2 as an incoming modem.
>Everything works fine except that it uses 7bits instead of 8bits.
>Thus when I dial in using Procomm, I have to use either E71 or O71, but
>not N81. This is not a major problem except that I have an editor that
>requires the use of 8bits.
>Any help will be greatly appreciated.

It seems that everyone knows the answer except me. :-(
The solution is to add :p*: in /etc/gettytab and so my /etc/gettytab looks
like this:

          :p8:ap:lm=\r\n%h login\72 :sp#9600:

Thanks to the following who responsed: (Barry Shein) (Ken Bibb)
ups!upstage!glenn@fourx.Aus.Sun.COM (Glenn Satchell) (Frank Dauns)
mloewen@cpumagic.uucp (Jose A. Fernandez) (Lee Young Koo)
trdlnk!mike@uunet.UU.NET (Michael Sullivan)
"Michael S. McLean" <>
"Ronald C. Russell" <> (Jim Murff)
dowjone!jcsadmin!jc@uunet.UU.NET (John Ciesla)

Kee Chua
University of Arizona
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