SUMMARY: OpenWindows 2.0 and Type 5 keyboard

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Date: Tue Jan 05 1993 - 03:03:52 CST

My original post:

  SPARC 2, SunOS 4.1.1 Rev. B, 40 Mb memory, Type 5 keyboard.

  The above system was an upgrade from a SPARC ELC. When trying to
start OpenWindows 2, I get an error that flashes (and disappears)
saying something about initializing (or the inability to initialize)
the attached keyboard. Is there an incompatibility between the new
keyboard and OpenWindows 2.0? (I, unfortunately, don't have access
to a current AnswerBook or 4.1.1 manuals).

  Any and all information is appreciated! Direct e-mail responses
are preferred, and a SUMMARY will be posted.



I didn't realize the this issue had been tackled already; thanks to
Jeff Mallory for the following message:

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(from responses to my same question about this problem last month)

Thanks to everyone that responded about my problem of running OpenWin2.0 with the
new Type 5 (ugh) keyboards. The best suggestions were to RTF Release Notes (once I
found them) and info about the DIP switch settings inside the back of the keyboard.

In summary:

To use type 5 keyboards with the following products, you need to get the
the patches on the Type 5 Keyboard Supplement CD (part number T5KBD-21)
from yer friendly Sun seller :

SunOS 4.1/4.1.1
Openwin 2.0
Openboot PROM 1.3 to 2.4

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You can change the DIP Switch settings (on the bottom of the keyboard, at the
top, behind a little trap door):
Type 5's come with #3 and #8 set to ON, which should be left on, then add the

for the type 5 to look like a type 4 (set #2 to ON)
for the type 5 to look like a type 3 (why? set #1 to ON).

I don't know if there are other ramifications to changing the DIP switch, I
haven't run into any yet. This is _not_ mentioned in the Product Release Notes.

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I thank the following for their responses:

   Guy Harris (
   Jim Lick (
   Adam Shostack (
   Kevin W. Hammond (
   E. Gregory Higgins (
   Tim Pointing (

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