SUMMARY Re: CDC 9720-1230 drive on Sun 3/280 with XD7053

From: John Benjamins (
Date: Wed Dec 30 1992 - 05:22:49 CST

last night i asked if anyone knew how to get a cdc 9720-1230 drive
working with the xd7053 controller on a sun 3/280 running 4.1.1_U1. I
recieved a number of replies. three of these were offers to help
directly, and one person offered to help arrange for their company to
sell me a replacement for my dying fujitsu m2361 (these were used
drives that they were no longer using, this was not from a 3rd party
supplier). as it turned out i ended up talking on the phone and
receiving faxed pages of the cdc manual to finally get the drive
working. i was able to format the drive, partition and newfs the
partitions. at this point i've almost restored the /usr partition
from backups of the fujitsu drive. all appears to be in order now.
thanks very much to the following for their help:

  Ron HALL <thorn@java.CC.McGill.CA>
  Leonard E. Sitongia <>
  Mike Raffety <>
  Stuart McRobert <>

the format.dat entry i used was:

disk_type = "CDC EMD 9720-1230" \
        : ctlr = XD7053 \
        : ncyl = 1633 : acyl = 2 : pcyl = 1635 : nhead = 15 : nsect = 82 \
        : rpm = 3600 : bpt = 50400 : bps = 606

the switch settings on the top of the drive are (starting from the
front of the drive):

 1111010011 0110011111
 (1 == closed)

then the jumpers (labeled as the first line, 1 = connected):
 NC 1 0 1 1 0

then on the back of the drive there are 2 blocks of switches, one with
10 switches, the other with 8. the lower block of 8 should be all
open. the other block should be (starting from the top):


 (0 == open)

again thanks to everyone for their help. have a happy new year!

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