SUMMARY: how to read an Apollo wbak (rbak?) tape on a SUN

From: Guntram Wolski (
Date: Mon Dec 14 1992 - 19:14:11 CST

Original message on how do I read an Apollo wbak tape on a SUN
tape drive:

> I have been handed a 0.25" cartridge tape and have been told
> that it is "believed" to be data from an Apollo system written with
> "wbak". There are two "files" on it, after the first 2560 bytes 'dd'
> encounters an EOF so it stops, I skip over it (mt fsf 1) and then I
> can read more. The first bit looks like something that "ansitape"
> might expect i.e. the first four characters are VOL1 and then a bunch
> of spaces, etc. Looks sort of like a vmsbackup header??? The
> "second" file contains the data I want.
> Is there anyway I can extract the data off of the tape onto my
> SUN? In general, how do people deal with moving data between Apollos
> and SUNS if they only have "tapenet?"

The most resounding answer was that I can't and that I need to find an
Apollo to read the tape and write it back out using the Apollo tar. I
tried it and it worked. Unfortunately this is a difficult solution
for me since I had to beg time on an Apollo. It is also a pain for
others (as suggested by the mail I received) since folks are keeping
Apollos around just for this purpose!!!!!

Thanks to all who replied.


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