SUMMARY: help with mac printing on Sparcprinter

Date: Tue Dec 15 1992 - 01:13:45 CST

Original problem statement:

orig: We have about a dozen SparcII's and a dozen assorted Mac's all served
orig: by a SparcPrinter connected to a SparcII running NewsPrint 2.0. The
orig: Sparcs are running 4.1.2 or 4.1.3 and the Mac's are networked to the
orig: Sparcs via the Caps package from Columbia University (rev 6.0, patch
orig: level 100). I have tried using the following procedure to serve print
orig: jobs from the Mac's:
orig: LWARGS="-a /local/cap/ProcSet -f /local/cap/lib/LWFonts -p Printer -l /var/adm/lwsrv-log"
orig: /local/cap/etc/lwsrv -N -n "CAP Printer" -T "cr to lf" ${LWARGS} -S
orig: So far, every print job from the Mac's results in a runaway daemon
orig: that fills /tmp. The job that ends up filling /tmp is someting like
orig: the following (taken from the newsprint log):
orig: save[2] true false file('/local/newsprint/np/bin/eehelper >/tmp/eexec.85 15',W)
orig: Is this enough information for anyone to see what might be wrong in
orig: this setup? Any help in tracking down this problem would be much
orig: appreciated.

Solution (does this sound familiar?):

Upgrade to at least NewsPrint 2.0(b). The current version of NewsPrint is
now 2.1.

Also, if you are using cap to print from a SparcStation to a Mac laserwriter,
cap requires at least patchlevel 101 (current patchlevel is 126) for papif.

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