SUMMARY: cmdtool in OW3 does not interact well with dnilogin

From: John D Schneider (
Date: Wed Dec 16 1992 - 01:02:11 CST

My original post:

> Sun-Managers,
> My configuration:
> Sparc 1+ 16M
> SunOS 4.1.3
> Sunlink DNI 7.0
> OW 3
> When I am running cmdtool and dnilogin to another node, the scrollbar disappears
> and it begins to behave like a shelltool. When I eventually logoff and return
> control to my local node, the scrollbar returns. This doesn't happen if I use
> rlogin from cmdtool instead of dnilogin; the scrollbar stays in place and works
> as expected. Why would dnilogin cause cmdtool to eliminate it's scrollbar?
> It happens whether I am dnilogin'ing to another Sun or a VAX.
> Any clues as to whether it is possible to get cmdtool to work correctly with
> dnilogin? I need it to access a VAX correctly; the scrollbar is almost
> essential. The response is so fast that I can't get in a ^S in time to keep
> the output from rolling off the screen, and since the VAX doesn't have a
> 'more' function there is no convenient way to view output that is more
> than one physical screen.

My thanks to the following for their responses: (Ian MacPhedran) (Adam Shostack)
milt@PE-Nelson.COM (Milt Ratcliff) (J. Matt Landrum)
"Derrick J. Brashear" <>
Peter Samuel <>
csdnet!ilbeig@uunet.UU.NET (Amir Ilbeig) (Frank Dzaak FF-FM (+49) 531/395-2706) (Randy garrett)

The responses fell into these groups:

1) The overwhelming (and the best, I think) choice is to use xterm. It
has a scrollbar, emulates a VT100 window, and does what I need it to do.
I am once again a happy camper.

2) A couple people felt the problem had to do with my VMS configuration, but
that is not the case. As I said in my original post, if I call dnilogin from
a cmdtool, the scrollbar disappears no matter what the destination node is, be
it a VAX or a Sun.

3) A couple people suggested I use the /PAGE option in VMS to do what 'more'
in Unix does. That might be OK if every VMX command supported /PAGE, but that
isn't true. For example, the SHOW QUEUE command doesn't, and that one is of
particular interest to me. I could also kludge it with the /OUTOUT switch, and
then edit the response, but that is a slow and cumbersome way to work.

4) Some suggested other solutions, like 'jeterm', 'tee', 'script', UCX
(Ultrix connection) or TGV Multinet. I will look into these as time permits.

5) Someone claimed they used xterm for dnilogin, but that the scrolling is
deactivated. I don't understand that response, since it seems to work fine for
me, and apparently everyone that provided response 1).

6) A couple people didn't understand the nature of my problem, and suggested
shelltool instead. Sorry if I didn't explain my problem well enough; I was
interested in getting the scrollbar working, and shelltool (by default) doesn't
have one.

Thanks again for all your replies.


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